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Ayeka inspires us to use our minds and engage our hearts to impact and improve our lives.

Our innovative educational approach blends classic Jewish sources with reflective experiential exercises and intimate chevruta in safe, judgment-free small group settings. Educators from all denominations have participated in this program.

  • PARTICIPANTS are impacted by Ayeka’s relevancy to their lives and by the strong bonding experience it fosters with other participants
  • EDUCATORS are invigorated by the skills, language and curriculum that Ayeka offers which allow them to more deeply impact their students and constituents
  • ORGANIZATIONS that implement Ayeka programming better engage their congregants and communities by broadening the range and depth of their educational program

Ayeka’s unique method of Jewish learning creates a meaningful and personal experience that empowers participants to become their best, most authentic selves.


Ayeka’s New HOPE Series

Passover’s message is the birth of hope. 

Getting ready for Passover is an opportunity to go well beyond the cleaning, shopping and cooking: to dive deep, preparing to leave Egypt personally and as part of the Jewish people.

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Click here for the first installments, a short essay on “How Does Hopelessness Taste?”, also published on the Times of Israel; and “Wired for Hope,” published on Huffington Post.



Soulful Education


Soulful Education: Why Imparting Knowledge Is Not Enough

By Aryeh Ben David

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What people say

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